This is very fucking great beer
Brew Master
This beer very suit for you who love hoppy beers and fruity beers, there’s nothing more refreshing and a good combination of the two things replicas de relojes, malty & hoppy that making with good balance. This IPA also falls right between the summer fruit harvest so you can't forget in you soul.
Brewing Recipe (20L)
Target OG1.059 Target FG1.013 ABV6.0 IBU59

Base Malts

Munich light 650 g
Pale malt 4200 g

Specialty Malts

Crystal 60 L 365


Mosaic 56 g
Citra 84 g
Nugget 13 g


US - 05

Other Ingredients

CaCl 1 g, MgSO 2.46, NaHCO 6 g, Lactic at mash 2.0 CC

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